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Stadium Plural

Unbestimmte Artikel gibt es im Deutschen im Plural nicht. Du solltest dann also einfach die Pluralform ohne einen Artikel benutzen. Ein bisschen komplizierter sind. The declension of the noun Stadion is in singular genitive Stadions and in the. Ein Stadium (Plural Stadien bzw. Stadia) ist. ein per Zeitintervall eingegrenzter Zustand eines Objekts; eine Unterteilung von Stadial · Stadium (Verbalkategorie):​.

Heißt es der, die oder das Stadium?

Unbestimmte Artikel gibt es im Deutschen im Plural nicht. Du solltest dann also einfach die Pluralform ohne einen Artikel benutzen. Ein bisschen komplizierter sind. Singular und Plural von „Stadium“. Singular, Plural. Nominativ, das Stadium, die Stadien. Genitiv, des Stadiums, der Stadien. Dativ, dem Stadium, den Stadien. stadium Bedeutung, Definition stadium: 1. a large closed area of land with Bedeutung von stadium im Englisch plural stadiums or stadia uk.

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Plural Nouns. Asked by Wiki User. Top Answer. Wiki User Answered Related Questions. What is the plural of a stadium? What is the singular of the word stadia?

What is the plural for stadium? Plural for stadium? What is the plural of the word crises? What is the plural of Stadium where we always go to watch a game?

How can you form the plural of the word if? What is a non plural word? Is the word are singular or plural? Twitter 5. Graduates 5. Writing for media 5.

Advertising 5. Literacy and education 5. Legal writing 4. Writing news stories 4. Style guide 4. Development of English 4.

Wordplay 4. PDF downloads 3. In several cases, an American football stadium has been constructed adjacent to a baseball park , to allow for the sharing of mutual parking lots and other amenities.

With the rise of MLS, the construction of soccer-specific stadiums has also increased since the late s to better fit the needs of that sport.

In many cases, earlier baseball stadiums were constructed to fit into a particular land area or city block. This resulted in asymmetrical dimensions for many baseball fields.

This resulted in a large left field dimension but a small right field dimension. To a certain extent, this continues in lower football leagues as well, with TD Ameritrade Park being used as the home stadium of the United Football League's Omaha Nighthawks.

Along with today's single use stadiums is the trend for retro style ballparks closer to downtown areas. Oriole Park at Camden Yards was the first such ballpark for Major League Baseball to be built, using earlyth-century styling with 21st-century amenities.

There is a solar-powered stadium in Taiwan that produces as much energy as it needs to function. Stadium designers often study acoustics to increase noise caused by fans' voices, aiming to create a lively atmosphere.

Until the advent of floodlights , most games played on large areas had to rely on natural lighting. Bramall Lane was reportedly the first floodlit stadium.

Floodlighting in association football dates as far back as , when there were floodlit experimental matches at Bramall Lane , Sheffield during the dark winter afternoons.

With no national grid , lights were powered by batteries and dynamoes , and were unreliable. Since the development of electrical grids, lighting has been an important element in stadium design, allowing games to be played after sundown, and in covered, or partly covered stadiums that allow less natural light, but provide more shelter for the public.

An "all-seater" stadium has seats for all spectators. Other stadiums are designed so that all or some spectators stand to view the event.

The term "all-seater" is not common in the U. Poor stadium design has contributed to disasters, such as the Hillsborough disaster and the Heysel Stadium disaster.

Seating areas may be known as terraces , tiers , or decks. Originally set out for standing room only, they are now usually equipped with seating.

Another term used in the US is bleachers , which is mostly used for seating areas with bench seats as opposed to individual seats, and which often are uncovered; the name refers to the bleaching effect direct, unshaded sunlight has on the benches and patrons in those sections.

Many stadiums make luxury suites or boxes available to patrons at high prices. These suites can accommodate fewer than 10 spectators or upwards of 30 depending on the venue.

Luxury suites at events such as the Super Bowl can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. Due to the number of people congregating in stadiums and the frequency of events, many notable accidents have occurred in the past, some causing injury and death.

For example, the Hillsborough disaster was a human crush at Hillsborough Stadium in Sheffield , England on 15 April The resulting 96 fatalities and injuries makes this the worst disaster in British sporting history.

Much effort has been spent to avoid the recurrence of such events, both in design and legislation. Especially where there is a perceived risk of terrorism or violence attention remains high to prevent human death and keep stadiums as places where families can enjoy a public event together.

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We are thankful for obscure words. Top Answer. Wiki User Answered Related Questions. What is the plural of a stadium? What is the plural of the word stadium?

Plural for stadium? What is the plural of Stadium where we always go to watch a game? What is the singular of the word stadia?

Top 10 largest baseball fields? Is gillette stadium a covered stadium? What stadium is the Olympics ? Which stadium will the Olympics be held in?

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The declension of the noun Stadion is in singular genitive Stadions and in the. Definition, Rechtschreibung, Synonyme und Grammatik von 'Stadium' auf Duden online nachschlagen. Singular, Plural. Nominativ, das Stadium, die Stadien. Sta·di·um, Plural: Sta·di·en. Aussprache: IPA: [ˈʃtaːdi̯ʊm]: Hörbeispiele: Lautsprecherbild Stadium · Reime. Deklination Substantiv Stadium: im Plural, Genitiv, allen Kasus, mit Bedeutungen, Übersetzungen, Sprachausgabe und Downloads. Your feedback will be reviewed. Das Wort des Tages bouldering. Abbrechen Absenden.
Stadium Plural Both stadiums and stadia are reported as plural of stadium, on the NOAD. Looking at the Corpus of Contemporary American English, stadia is found 19 times, and stadiums times. To make a comparison, stadiums is found times in the _Corpus of Historical American English (stadia is found 76 times) and 58 times in the British National Corpus (stadia is found 63 times). (plural stadiums, stadia Thousands packed into the stadium to watch the final. the home stadium of the New York Giants; It is a domed stadium with artificial turf. The plural form of stadium is stadiums or stadia. If referring to a classical stadium, i.e. a semi-circular running track then the plural is stadia. If referring to a modern-day multi-event stadium, then the plural is stadiums. Generally though. stadium n (plural stadiums or stadia, diminutive stadiumpje n) A stadium. A stage; a phase. Usage notes. Stadium is a learned term used in certain proper nouns such as Yankee Stadium. The standard Dutch term is stadion. Related terms. stadion. Definition of stadium. Tutorial 2. Reader-centred Familie Strichmännchen Writing for media 5.

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Den gesamten Stadium Plural auf einmal zu 187 Grinder. - Rechtschreibung

Sign up for free and get access to exclusive content:. Letters and CVs 8. Minnesota United," 3 Dec. Wort und Unwort des Jahres in Österreich. Senior Colosseum Online Shop Mode Designer. The term "all-seater" is not common in the U. Wikimedia Commons has media related to Stadiums. Asked By Veronica Wilkinson. Terms of Use. Shepherd, ed. Please tell us where you read or heard it Mission Atlantis the quote, if possible. Stadia is indeed the correct Latin plural of stadium. It is, however, far more common for English speakers to use stadiums. Latin plurals such as appendices, crises and fungi are still widely used in science and academia. But in many cases we drop either the singular or the plural according to which is less in keeping with the English language. The most common plural of "stadium" is "stadiums", formed in the usual way by adding an "s" to the end of the word. "Stadia" is also correct, but it is not widely used, and many people will think. verb + stadium. fill; pack; pack into preposition. at a/ the stadium; See full entry.


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