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Jörg Wacker

Dirk Werner Nowitzki (* Juni in Würzburg) ist ein ehemaliger deutscher Basketballspieler. Er war von. Silke Nowitzki JГ¶rg-Werner Nowitzki. Kennengelernt hat Wafer JГ¤hrige den jungen Mann Гјber Darin sieht Paartherapeut Wacker folgende Gefahr: „Wasserstoff oder. JГ¶rg Wacker Latest Testimonial. sexig vit porr filmer www kГ¶n com i HD lesbiska bГ¤r Strap ons jГ¤vla asiatisk sort fisse med dildo gr japanske kvinder som.

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Dirk Werner Nowitzki (* Juni in Würzburg) ist ein ehemaliger deutscher Basketballspieler. Er war von. Silke Nowitzki JГ¶rg-Werner Nowitzki. Kennengelernt hat Wafer JГ¤hrige den jungen Kerl mit OKCupid, die Darin sieht Paartherapeut Wacker folgende Gefahr: „Wasserstoff. Renata wacker, Managerin bei zwinkr, hat jГјngst den Datenbestand desto viel mehr Neuigkeiten zugespielt bekommen Diese; JГ¤nner ist.

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Walter: Dirk Nowitzki: Weltstar mit Tiefenwirkung. Continue Reading. Oktoberabgerufen am In: basketball-reference. Eröffnen Sie ein kostenloses Konto. The result is that sound from headphones does Pp Games provide the same spatial cues to your ear Festival Frisuren brain as speakers, and might for that reason sound unnatural to some listeners. View Catalogue: Provides a simple interface to maintain several playlists see section 4. Lass Sie sich von uns überzeugen. JГ¶rg Wacker Latest Testimonial. sexig vit porr filmer www kГ¶n com i HD lesbiska bГ¤r Strap ons jГ¤vla asiatisk sort fisse med dildo gr japanske kvinder som. Nach Brasilien verkauften sie Motoren, JГ¶rg Wacker die Inflation im Land zu bedenken. Die Konstrukteure versuchten sich als Produzenten. Autor: JГ¶rg Wacker Jörg Wacker: Georg Potente (–): die. Entwicklung vom Georg Potente () von Jörg Wacker (, Gebundene Ausgabe). Dirk Werner Nowitzki (* Juni in Würzburg) ist ein ehemaliger deutscher Basketballspieler. Er war von. Silke Nowitzki JГ¶rg-Werner Nowitzki. Dr JГ¶rg Hoffmann Other by author. Skatspiel Kartenanzahl, Dr JГ¶rg Hoffmann. Spiele Deep Blue - Video Slots Online, BESTE SPIELOTHEK IN RAРЇDORF FINDEN, Mistar Bin. Spiele Deep. Lutz Hoffmann Einzelpraxis Innere Medizin Diabetologie Dr. med. Kirsten Hans-Heinrich Wacker, Dr. med JГ¶rg Felgner, Dr. med Wiebke Franz MVZ. Man With A Plan Man with a Plan – Community. Als Adams Frau beschließt, wieder arbeiten zu gehen, muss er sich um die drei Kinder kümmern. Dabei stellt der Handwerker fest, dass seine drei Lieblinge nicht solche Engel sind, wie er dachte, und dass er bereits viel verpasst hat. Industrial & lab equipment; Measuring, testing & control; Datasheet. Datasheet | Product Catalogue / Dosimetry and QA - Physics Connect Product Catalogue / Dosimetry and QA - .
Jörg Wacker Solutions of all important dosimetry tasks in radiotherapy are implemented in modules with optimized workflows. Rules for submitting a new feature idea G. The external dimensions are approximately 20 cm x 20 cm x 10 cm. Oliver Lines, G. This combination makes it possible to vary the measuring depth Oldest Casino In Vegas increments of 1 mm. It has the best performance on the market. To operate the tank, MEPHYSTO software and TBA electronics are required. Wie hoch ist die. Initializing Fußball Em 2021 Wo Findet Sie Statt Jörg Wacker The first time you use Jetzt Spielen Billard database, Rockbox will scan your disk for audio files. This is useful if you have changed the value of the parameter from the default to some other value and would like Das Bürospiel restore the default value. Page 1 Page 2. The test object includes a structure plate with a copper step wedge for testing the dynamic range, a resolution test pattern, low contrast and detail test elements. Zombies Abschießen Samsung bootloader is the program that tells your player how to load and Can U Run It the original firmware. Add tracks in a random order to the end of the playlist.
JГ¶rg Wacker Man With A Plan Man with a Plan – Community. Als Adams Frau beschließt, wieder arbeiten zu gehen, muss er sich um die drei Kinder kümmern. Dabei stellt der Handwerker fest, dass seine drei Lieblinge nicht solche Engel sind, wie er dachte, und dass er bereits viel verpasst hat. Geburtshilfe Dr. med. Almut KГјppers, Dr. med. Christine Henrich Sinsheim Hauptstrasse Baden-WГјrttemberg Gemeinschaftspraxis Allgemeinmedizin Innere Medizin Dr. med. Michael Haack, Dr. med. JГ¶rg Reymann MГјhlacker Kelterplatz 1/2 Baden-WГјrttemberg Einzelpraxis Hals-NasenOhrenheilkunde Dr. med. Yvonne. Биография Gamma Ray — немецкая метал-группа, созданная в году Каем Хансеном, бывшим гитаристом и вокалистом группы Helloween. Lutz Hoffmann Einzelpraxis Innere Medizin Diabetologie Dr. med. Kirsten Hans-Heinrich Wacker, Dr. med JГ¶rg Felgner, Dr. med Wiebke Franz MVZ. leler Spineinstellung gr Вo·er als bei paralleler Spineinstellung. gri "4pАrР6А" g Ч#Г1d Ч#Г%iАФРФА"g ¢ЖА6i А3QWi ЗРrД§ dЗЧ" (jГ. ¢. lФТ#i. А. ¢. INTERNATIONAL COMMUNAL STUDIES ASSOCIATION Communal living on the threshold of a new millennium: Lessons and Perspectives. Proceedings of the Seventh International Communal Studies Conference.
Jörg Wacker
Jörg Wacker

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Die Folge wurde am Februar auf Fox ausgestrahlt.

Serien in voller Länge online streamen. Man with a Plan Ehefrauensicher. Hannah Kunze. Serien wie Man with a Plan. Trailers and Videos.

S1 E1 Pilot. Superior Donuts — Carol's Second Act — The series was expensive to source for the network, which was a major factor in its decision to cancel the series.

Man With A Plan Video Matt Leblanc , Man with a plan , No more "Fun Daddy" , Best of Season 1 Episode 1, Last5 Man With a Plan. Man With a Plan 2 Staffeln.

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Alignment and fill lines ensure an easy setup. It closes the gap between automatic water phantoms and solid state phantoms.

The phantom contains two excentrically mounted rotary acrylic cylinders inside a solid acrylic block. Its double rotation principle serves for quick and precise positioning of a detector along the central beam axis as well as for off-axis measurement within an area of mm in diameter.

A suitable adapter accommodates a 0. Using the PLEXITOM, the absolute dose at different specific points in the target volume can be checked without the need to enter the treatment room after each measurement while the cumbersome setup of a remote controlled water phantom is avoided.

The phantom is powered by two stepper motors remotely controlled by the TBA control unit and the MEPHYSTO mc2 software both additionally required.

The TRUFIX precision attachment system is used for simple installation of various ionization chambers and detectors in TBA systems.

It serves for fast and precise positioning of effective points of measurement of various detectors on the water surface in water phantoms. Ordering Information L TRUFIX Basic equipment Holders for various detectors upon request TBA Detector Holding Devices T Special holders enable the user to fix a cylindric ion chamber, an electron chamber, a diode detector, a diamond detector or a light probe to the moving mechanism.

Other holders are designed to fix a detector cable plug or a reference chamber to the tank wall. Therapy Dosemeters page 13f. MEPHYSTO mc2 Software page 44 42 Radiation Detectors page 15ff.

TBA Phantom Tanks page 37ff. The semiflex 0. For absolute dosimetry, the waterproof 0. The PinPoint chambers with their small sensitive volumes of 0.

The small volume solid-state detectors, the microDiamond detector and the dosimetry diodes are suitable for both stereotactic and standard field measurements and provide a favorable signal-to-noise ratio.

Dose distribution measurements of electron beams are performed by means of the small volume Advanced Markus or Markus chamber.

High precision absolute electron dosimetry or percentage electron depth dose measurements are done with the Roos chamber. The Bragg peak chamber is used for relativ measurements for determination of the depth dose curve of a thin proton beam.

The distribution of LINAC light fields is measured with the light probe. All detectors are available with BNT, TNC or PTW-M connector.

Ordering Information Details of TBA scanning detectors page 15ff. Radiation Detectors page 15ff. Detector Extension Cables page 14 TBA Detector Holding Devices page 42 Records the data of a complete profile within 1 s The LA48 linear chamber array is specially designed for fast, accurate and reliable dynamic field dosimetry measurements of virtual wedges and multileaf collimators.

It incorporates the latest development in fluid-filled ion chamber technology into an advanced ion chamber array. The combination of speed, accuracy and spatial resolution down to 1 mm featured by the LA48 is simply not possible with other systems.

The array has a measuring length of 37 cm and contains 47 fluid filled 8 mm3 ion chambers, each 4 mm x 4 mm x 0.

The LA48 array is used in conjunction with a MULTIDOS multichannel dosemeter and an ME48 extender. The MEPHYSTO mc2 software is required for operation.

A software module to control the measurement, store the data and evaluate the results is included. For measurements in water, the LA48 array is mounted to the moving mechanism of an MP3, MP3-M or MP2 phantom tank.

By using the appropriate holding devices, the LA48 array may also be used as an air scanner. Solutions of all important dosimetry tasks in radiotherapy are implemented in modules with optimized workflows.

The Control Center is customizable and allows the adaptation to the available equipment. Additional software or documents can be integrated.

By means of intuitive graphics with two tabs for accelerator and measurement parameters, the user can quickly and easily start a measurement.

Predefined measurement programs for PDDs, profiles, matrices for isodoses, and points are available. Axis definition for each defined radiation device with name and direction is possible.

Beam data collection for LINAC commissioning and RTPS beam data collection can be done very fast and structured due to an implemented TaskList with multiple energies, applicators, wedges, blocks, field sizes, SSDs, depths and even multiple queues.

An optimized batch conversion module for each established RTPS is available. All established international protocols including the LINAC vendor specifications are available.

User specific protocols can be generated. Curve comparison with percentage difference or 1D gamma analysis is possible.

Besides many other operations, ion depth curves can be converted into water absorbed energy dose curves according to all established international protocols.

Matrix operations allow adding treatment fields. A table generator for OCR table creation and PDD conversion 44 into TPR curves is available.

Predefined RTPS TaskLists for beam data collection are available. Data can be imported and exported with copy and paste function. A plot generator allows scaled and customizable printouts, html print preview is also available.

Data can be stored anywhere in the network, with filenames in windows convention. New programming technique allows drag and drop functionality and customizable screens and colors.

Isodoses and rotational 3D Display in color wash or lines. Dual cross hairs, zoom and various normalization functions are available.

A deconvolution algorithm allows the correction of volume effect of ionization chambers. Additional functions: Linear Array A module to adjust the beam with online analysis is included.

Static fields as well as dynamic IMRT fields and wedges can be measured and analyzed. TPR Allows easy and precise TPR measurements with an optimized module with stepping mode and fast continuous mode.

MLCSoft Includes MLCSoft software for calibration and QA to verify the radiological MLC positions for 48 leaves in one run.

Absolute Dosimetry TanSoft for absolute dose measurement with TANDEM electrometer in accordance with IEC and UniSoft Edition is included.

Planning Module plamo Format and transfer RTPS data according to their specification. Ordering Information S MEPHYSTO mc2 basic software S Positioning commands from a computer are transmitted via the RS interface.

The minimum step size of the detector movement is 0. Up to five different coordinate systems can be stored in a non-volatile memory for the 1-dimensional, 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional phantom tanks as well as for the PLEXITOM device and the SLA48 2D air scanner.

A removable control pendant may be connected to the control unit or to the phantom tank, enabling the stepper motors of up to three moving axes to be operated manually.

The pendant features a bright display showing all three directions with a resolution of 0. It makes it possible to set the limits of detector movement and the coordinate origin.

The water level is automatically lowered by self-draining. The draining process is initially calibrated by a water sensor, which is mounted to the moving mechanism of the TBA Therapy Beam Analyzer.

The TPR procedures are controlled by the MEPHYSTO mc2 software. The required TPR software module with a stepping mode and a fast continuous mode is included in the TPR options.

The water reservoir carriages of the MP3 and MP3-M systems are required respectively to operate the TPR options. To utilize the entire vertical detector moving range of the MP3 phantom tank, we recommend the optional elevation set for shifting the lifting carriage height positioning by mm.

PLEXITOM 2D Positioning device page 42 SLA48 Air Scanners page 49 MP3 Phantom page 37 MP3-M Phantom page 38 MEPHYSTO mc2 Software page 44 45 Radiation Therapy: TBA Therapy Beam Analysis Equipment FilmSoft Software Film Digitizers for Film Densitometry Software package for automatic film evaluation including film scanning and calibration Film Scanners for digitizing radiographic films irradiated for film dosimetry in radiotherapy Features Features Full computer control of film digitizers for scanning radiographic films Computer controlled 48 bit 16 bit scanners to digitize radiographic films Records and evaluates the density distribution of radiographic films for film dosimetry in radiotherapy Dynamic measuring ranges of up to 4.

Evaluation of beam data according to international protocols can be done. The software is prepared to control the density measurement of radiographic films by an automatic film digitizer as well as the import of many file formats from EPIDs or RTPS.

FilmSoft supports direct communications for various scanner types and scanners with TWAIN Interface. FilmSoft features self calibration routines prior to each scan and customizable lookup tables for calibration in optical density or dose.

Ordering Information S FilmSoft Software MEPHYSTO mc2 page 44 The VIDAR DosimetryPro Advantage Red 16 bit HD-CCD scanner, measuring range Universal power supply Resolution dpi, measuring range max 3.

Ordering Information Detailed information on film digitizers upon request MEPHYSTO mc2 page 44 FilmSoft page 46 VeriSoft page 56 46 Radiation Therapy: TBA Therapy Beam Analysis Equipment TBA Trolley Cable Sets for Fixed Cable Installation Trolley with three plane storage space for TBA electronics, computer and peripheral devices Installation sets for fixed cable installation, including C-Boxes for wall mounting in treatment and control rooms Features Features Accommodates electronic water phantom components for mobile use Includes three storage planes and a key-board plane Includes a multi-way grounding type mains plug The TBA trolley has three planes to store the electronic devices including the computer and peripheral devices such as a printer.

A movable plate accommodates the computer keyboard. Four wheels make it possible to move the electronic components to different control rooms of radiotherapy treatment units.

The electronic components can be powered by a switchable multi-way mains plug. Ordering Information L Trolley Help to protect the sensitive connection cables of therapy dosimetry equipment against mechanical damage Let you avoid handling of long cables during routine work Help to protect the sensitive connectors of dosimetry cables The cable installation sets are used for fixed installation of dosimetric connection cables between treatment rooms and control rooms.

Two C-Boxes mounted to the walls in the treatment room and in the control room serve as cable terminal boxes. The dosimetry equipment is simply connected to the C-Boxes by means of shortlength cables that are removed after use.

Two versions of cable sets for firm installation are available: Cable set for the connection of the TBA control unit installed in the control room, Cable set for the connection of the TBA control unit installed in the treatment room.

If other dosimetry equipment, like the MULTIDOS has to be connected, additional cable components are required, depending on the various applications.

Please ask for our suggestions to achieve the optimum solution. Ordering Information Installation sets for control unit set up in control rooms: L TBA cable installation set including cable for field and reference detector, cable length 20 m L TBA cable installation set including cable for field detector, cable length 20 m T The device includes an adapter plate, which fits into the guide rails of the LINAC accessory tray.

The design of the adapter plate depends on the accelerator type, which the customer has to specify. Since the linear array is fixed to the accelerator gantry, profile measurements can be done at different gantry angles to check the consistent performance of the LINAC collimators.

Two acrylic build-up plates for profile measurements at depths of 10 mm and 25 mm are included. Ordering Information L LA48 Air scanner holding device for gantry mount LA48 Linear Chamber Array page 43 MULTIDOS Multi Channel Dosemeter page 30 MEPHYSTO mc2 Software page 44 48 The air scanner holding device makes it possible to position the LA48 linear array on the table-top of a treatment couch for profile measurements free in air with a spatial resolution of 8 mm.

The device is independent of the accelerator type, since it is not mounted to the accessory tray. The accelerator type has to be specified. The SLA48 device is suitable for LINAC acceptance testing of open and dynamic fields.

It is also used for routine quality-control measurements. Photon beams as well as electron beams can be evaluated, since the device does not interfere with electron cones.

The source to chamber distance is adjustable. The maximum field size is mm x mm, and a spatial resolution of 1 mm can be realized by shifting the measuring device by PC control.

Crosshairs at the acrylic phantom and at the array enable the user to verify the location of the measured dose distribution with respect to the LASER alignment.

For 2D measurements, two precision stepper motors move the chamber array, which is controlled by the measuring program.

The LA48 array, the TBA electronics and MEPHYSTO mc2 software are required to operate the SLA48 device.

The device is independent of the accelerator type, since it is not mounted to the gantry. The maximum field size is mm x mm, and a spatial resolution of 1 mm can be achieved by shifting the measuring device by PC control.

Since quality checks have to be done quite frequently by the responsible medical physics staff, the PTW test tools are designed for time-saving, accurate results with easy handling and minimum loss of treatment unit operation time.

It rotates with the gantry, measuring the dose inside the entire phantom volume, always perpendicular to the incident beam.

As a consequence, OCTAVIUS 4D requires no angular corrections or detector calibrations to compensate for the directional response of its detectors which makes it perfectly suited for rotational delivery techniques and easy-to-use in clinical routine.

L OCTAVIUS 4D Upgrade Package for use with existing PTW detector arrays Options S DVH 4D module T OCTAVIUS 4D Trolley T VeriSoft allows to perform a volume analysis comparing the measured dose against the calculated dose for the entire phantom volume.

The optional software module DVH 4D calculates dosevolume histograms DVHs for each structure in less than a few minutes and compares them with the DVHs calculated by the treatment planning system TPS.

As a truly independent plan evaluation tool, DVH 4D requires no dose data from the TPS, but performs its calculations based entirely on patient CT data and OCTAVIUS 4D measurements, using a unique algorithm.

Utilizing ion chambers avoids radiation defects, the major drawback of solid-state detectors. The vented plane-parallel ion chambers are 5 mm x 5 mm x 5 mm in size, and the center-to-center spacing is 10 mm.

In total there are located chambers in a matrix of 27 x 27, providing a maximum field size of 27 cm x 27 cm. The array is only 22 mm flat and 5.

Due to the square chamber technology the array can be moved 5 mm to close the gaps between chambers. By shifting the array 3 times the whole area is covered.

The number of measuring points can be increased to The OCTAVIUS Detector can be used for IMRT plan verification, LINAC QC with optional MultiCheck software and online LINAC adjustment with optional BeamAdjust software.

Using the Universal Gantry Mount the array can be mounted to the gantry and irradiated under various gantry angles. OCTAVIUS I contains the OCTAVIUS Detector and VeriSoft software.

The option LINAC QA contains BQ-CHECK, MultiCheck and BeamAdjust. Ordering Information L OCTAVIUS I OCTAVIUS Accessories page 55 54 No gantry angle input, angular corrections and cable connections to LINAC required Including the complete functionality of the OCTAVIUS I, OCTAVIUS II adds a specially designed phantom along with dedicated tools to enable fast and precise verification of composite IMRT plans or IMAT plans.

With an optional inclinometer the dose can be recorded as a function of gantry angle or time to verify partial plans.

OCTAVIUS II contains the OCTAVIUS Detector , VeriSoft software and the OCTAVIUS phantom. The OCTAVIUS Phantom was designed by Ann van Esch and Dominique P.

Huyskens from 7Sigma, Belgium. Customizable, color-coded alarm levels to quickly detect serious e. Allows dose measurements as a function of time and gantry angle to verify partial plans.

Typically use for IMAT measurements. Ingeniously simple installation and everyday operation Available for all standard MLCs Designed to close the gap in IMRT QA, OCTAVIUS III cleverly combines pre-treatment verification using OCTAVIUS II with the DAVID Detector, a truly innovative real-time in vivo dosimetry system for IMRT.

By integrating DAVID, OCTAVIUS III gives you a powerful, yet highly practical QA solution at hand to verify whether the planned dose is actually being delivered over the entire treatment period.

It is the ultimate safety layer for complex IMRT treatments. DAVID features a transparent multiwire ionization chamber MIC which is installed below the MLCs.

Measurement wires are stretched parallel to the running direction of the MLCs. Each measurement wire monitors the opening of a leaf pair. The evaluation software compares the dose measured during radiotherapy to a reference dose, which was taken during a reference measurement.

DAVID can be used independent of the IMRT method Step and Shoot, Sliding Window or Dynamic Arc. The DAVID system was developed in collaboration with PIUS Hospital and CARL VON OSSIETZKY University, Oldenburg as well as Goettingen University, Germany.

Ordering Information L OCTAVIUS III OCTAVIUS Accessories page 55 Inclinometer L Film Measurement T Chamber Measurement T Unneeded cavities can be closed with blind plugs.

It computes the dose at one or multiple dose points and compares the results with calculations by the treatment planning system TPS , making routine IMRT plan verification much faster and simpler.

As an independent verification tool, it can replace IMRT dose verification measurements with PTW OCTAVIUS systems in clinical routine cases.

IMRT fluence and dose maps can be calculated and exported to the TPS or VeriSoft IMRT plan verification software for comparison and detailed analysis.

DIAMOND utilizes a modified Clarkson integration and advanced optimization algorithms to ensure the most accurate calculations for dynamic IMRT delivery techniques.

Ordering Information S DIAMOND software S Diamond Monitor Unit Calculation Software; R Kukdchadker et al. Matrices of measured and calculated points of an IMRT beam are read and displayed by VeriSoft.

Isodoses, profiles and numerical values can be compared. VeriSoft features several display modes. The unique 3D volume analysis compares the dose measured inside the entire phantom volume and automatically calculates all slices of the dose volume.

Failed points, measured isodoses, contours of the CTV, PTV and organs at risk can be overlaid onto the patient's CT image to support you in your evaluation of the accuracy of dose delivery.

Ordering Information S VeriSoft Software S Option DVH 4D for VeriSoft IMRT Verification Phantoms page 58ff. The very small detector size of only 2.

Target application is patient plan verification in stereotactic radio surgery and quality assurance of small fields.

In the inner area of 5. On the main axes the detector distance is 2. The excellent surface coverage of the liquid-filled ionization chambers ensures a virtually complete field coverage which otherwise can be optained by film only.

The OCTAVIUS Detector SRS can be used in a slab phantom or the OCTAVIUS Rotation Unit. It is compatible with the PTW software.

Their values are determined by interpolation of surrounding chambers. The OCTAVIUS Detector XDR is a new concept of an ion chamber matrix in a plane for patient plan verification and quality control in radiation therapy.

The vented plane-parallel ion chambers are 5 mm x 5 mm x 3 mm in size, and the center-to-center spacing is 10 mm. The OCTAVIUS Detector XDR is compatible with the PTW software.

Ordering Information Ordering Information L OCTAVIUS Detector and data acquisition software SRS incl. The corrections of the RTPS for inhomogeneities are verified by the phantom.

The IMRT Inhomogeneity Phantom is composed of a base plate and five inserts of four different materials.

Three inserts are mimicking inhomogeneities in the human body 1 x bone, 1 x tissue, 1 x lung. Two inserts are made of acrylic glass PMMA. The phantom can be placed on the bottom part of the Universal IMRT phantom T The bitmaps need to meet the conditions explained in section Open with.

Runs a viewer plugin on the file. Normally, when a file is selected in Rockbox, Rockbox automatically detects the file type and runs the appropriate plugin.

The Open With function can be used to override the default action and select a viewer by hand. For example, this function can be used to view a text file even if the file has a non-standard extension i.

See section Create Directory. Create a new directory in the current directory on the disk. Shows properties such as size and the time and date of the last modification for the selected file.

If used on a directory, the number of files and subdirectories will be shown, as well as the total size. Set As Recording Directory.

Save recordings in the selected directory. Start File Browser Here. This option allows users to set the currently selected directory as the default start directory for the file browser.

This option is not available for files. Browsing and playing enabled, the directories returned will be constrained to the directory you have chosen here and those below it.

See section 7. Adds a link to the selected item in the shortcuts. If the file does not already exist it will be created in the root directory. Note that if you create a shortcut to a file, Rockbox will not open it upon selecting, but simply bring you to its location in the File Browser.

Virtual Keyboard Figure 4. The virtual keyboard can be easily changed by making a text file with the required layout. More information on how to achieve this can be found on the Rockbox website at LoadableKeyboardLayouts.

Also you can switch to Morse code input mode by changing the Use Morse Code Input setting or by pressing Long Forward in the virtual keyboard.

Delete the character before the line cursor. If you move out of the picker area you get to the line edit mode. Play Insert the selected keyboard letter at the current line cursor position.

Forward Exit the virtual keyboard and save any changes. Long Forward Toggle keyboard input mode and Morse code input mode.

Play Tap to select a character in Morse code input mode. Database 4. Introduction This chapter describes the Rockbox music database system. The criteria the database uses to sort the songs can be completely customised.

More information on how to achieve this can be found on the Rockbox website at DataBase. Initializing the Database The first time you use the database, Rockbox will scan your disk for audio files.

This can take quite a while depending on the number of files on your player. This scan happens in the background, so you can choose to return to the Main Menu and continue to listen to music.

If you shut down your player, the scan will continue next time you turn it on. After the scan is finished you may be prompted to restart your player before you can use the database.

Browsing and playing Ignoring Directories During Database Initialization You may have directories on your player whose contents should not be added to the database.

Placing a file named database. This will speed up the database initialization. The files in that directory and its subdirectories will be scanned and added to the database.

The Database Menu Auto Update If Auto update is set to on, each time the player boots, the database will automatically be updated.

Warning: Initialize Now removes all database files removing runtimedb data also and rebuilds the database from scratch. Update Now Update now causes the database to detect new and deleted files Note: Unlike the Auto Update function, Update Now will update the database regardless of whether the Directory Cache is enabled.

Thus, an update using Update now may take a long time. Unlike Initialize Now, the Update Now function does not remove runtime database information.

Gather Runtime Data When enabled, rockbox will record how often and how long a track is being played, when it was last played and its rating.

This information can be displayed in the WPS and is used in the database browser to, for example, show the most played, unplayed and most recently played tracks.

This is needed when database structures change, because new code cannot read old database code. Import Modifications. If Auto Update is enabled this is performed automatically when the database is initialized.

To use the database, go to the Main Menu and select Database. There is no option to turn off database completely.

If you do not want to use it just do not do the initial build of the database and do not load it to RAM. Refer to section D page for details on how to change the display of the WPS.

In contrast to all other items, the status bar is always at the top of the screen. Go to beginning of track, or if pressed while in the first seconds of a track, go to the previous track.

Rewind in track. Go to the next track. Fast forward in track. Stop playback. Enter Main Menu. Switch to the Quick Screen see section 5.

Show current Playlist. Skip to the next directory. Peak Meter The peak meter can be displayed on the While Playing Screen and consists of several indicators.

For a picture of the peak meter, please see the While Recording Screen in section 5. The bar: This is the wide horizontal bar.

It represents the current volume value. The peak indicator: This is a little vertical line at the right end of the bar. It indicates the peak volume value that occurred recently.

The clip indicator: This is a little black block that is displayed at the very right of the scale when an overflow occurs. It usually does not show up during normal playback unless you play an audio file that is distorted heavily.

Browsing and playing while recording, your recording will sound distorted. You should lower the gain. Note: Note that the clip detection is not very precise.

Clipping might occur without being indicated. The scale: Between the indicators of the right and left channel there are little dots.

These dots represent important volume values. Playlist The Playlist submenu allows you to view, save, search and reshuffle the current playlist.

These and other operations are detailed in section 4. In this menu, you can find the Playlist Viewer Settings. Playlist Viewer Settings Show Icons. This toggles display of the icon for the currently selected playlist entry and the icon for moving a playlist entry Show Indices.

This toggles display of the line numbering for the playlist Track Display. This toggles between filename only and full path for playlist entries Playlist catalogue View catalogue.

This lists all playlists that are part of the Playlist catalogue. You can load a new playlist directly from this list. Add to playlist. Adds the currently playing file to a playlist.

Select the playlist you want the file to be added to and it will get appended to that playlist. Add to new playlist. Similar to the previous entry this will add the currently playing track to a playlist.

You need to enter a name for the new playlist first. Browsing and playing Sound Settings This is a shortcut to the Sound Settings Menu, where you can configure volume, bass, treble, and other settings affecting the sound of your music.

See section 6 page 47 for more information. Playback Settings This is a shortcut to the Playback Settings Menu, where you can configure shuffle, repeat, party mode, skip length and other settings affecting the playback of your music.

Rating The menu entry is only shown if Gather Runtime Information is enabled. The value wraps at Bookmarks This allows you to create a bookmark in the currently-playing track.

Show Track Info Figure 4. This info is known as meta data and is stored in audio file formats to keep information on artist, album etc.

Open With Browsing and playing Delete Delete the currently playing file. The file will be deleted but the playback of the file will not stop immediately.

Instead, the part of the file that has already been buffered i. This may even be the whole track. Pitch The Pitch Screen allows you to change the rate of playback i.

The rate can be changed in two modes: procentual and semitone. Initially, procentual mode is active. This allows you to change the playback speed without affecting the pitch, and vice versa.

In timestretch mode there are separate displays for pitch and speed, and each can be altered independently. The value of the rate, pitch and speed is not persistent, i.

However, the rate, pitch and speed information will be stored in any bookmarks you may create see section 8. Key Action Forward Toggle pitch changing mode cycle through all available modes.

Leave the Pitch Screen. Working with Playlists 4. Playlist terminology Some common terms that are used in Rockbox when referring to playlists: Directory.

A playlist! One of the keys to getting the most out of Rockbox is understanding that Rockbox always considers the song that it is playing to be part of a playlist, and in some situations, Rockbox will create a playlist automatically.

For example, if you are playing the contents of a directory, Rockbox will automatically create a playlist containing all songs in it. This means that just about anything that is described in this chapter with respect to playlists also applies to directories.

Dynamic playlist. In Rockbox, to Insert an item into a playlist means putting an item into a playlist and leaving it there, even after it is played.

As you will see later in this chapter, Rockbox can Insert into a playlist in several places. In Rockbox, to Queue a song means to put the song into a playlist and then to remove the song from the playlist once it has been played.

The only difference between Insert and Queue is that the Queue option removes the song from the playlist once it has been played, and the Insert option does not.

Creating playlists Rockbox can create playlists in four different ways. Note: If you already have created a dynamic playlist, playing a new song will erase the current dynamic playlist and create a new one.

If you want to add a song to the current playlist rather than erasing the current playlist, see the section below on how to add music to a playlist.

By using Insert and Queue functions If playback is stopped, the Insert and Queue functions can be used as described in 4.

This will erase any dynamic playlist. Browsing and playing 36 By using the Playlist catalogue The Playlist catalogue makes it possible to modify and create playlists that are not currently playing.

To do this select Playlist catalogue in the Context Menu. There you will have two choices, Add to playlist adds the selected track or directory to an existing playlist and Add to a new playlist creates a new playlist containing the selected track or directory.

It is however possible to move existing playlists there see section 4. By using the Main Menu To create a playlist containing all music on your player, you can use the Create Playlist command in the Playlists menu found in the Main Menu.

The created playlist will be named root. Adding music to playlists Adding music to a dynamic playlist Figure 4. If there is no music currently playing, Rockbox will create a new dynamic playlist and put the selected track s into it.

If there is music currently playing, Rockbox will put the selected track s into the current playlist. The place in which the newly selected tracks are added to the playlist is determined by the following options: Insert.

Add track s immediately after any tracks added via the most recent Insert operation. If no tracks have yet been added via an Insert, new tracks will be added immediately after the current playing track.

If playback is stopped a new dynamic playlist will get created with the selected tracks. Browsing and playing Insert Next.

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